Taking Charge, For The Love Of The Earth

The Vermont Standard, April 22, 2015, By Virginia Dean

"For the last 30 years, local resident and global community activist Anne Macksoud, along with co-worker, filmmaker and Shambhala teacher John Ankele, has devoted her time and energy to crafting new solutions to old but significant problems involving planet earth and its inhabitants.

Describing themselves as wise Tibetan llamas or 'old dogs,' the business duo have become some of the leading voices of ecological wisdom in Western society in recent years, according to several national sources.

'We are … saddened by the suffering we see all around us and moved to take action,' the pair states on their website, www.olddogdocumentaries.org. 'Our political leaders cannot solve the problems of our time. They themselves are too beholden to privileged, powerful constituencies motivated to preserve the status quo. Change must start with ordinary people who understand the interrelatedness of our global community.'

...Macksoud found the perfect vehicle to lend her political voice through the documentary. Indeed, as Macksoud has argued, film is a means to an end, 'a useful tool for opening minds and hearts.' Nowhere is this more evident than in her new film, The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism and Community...

The solution, Macksoud claims, is not to continue to destroy but to build a 'living economy' from the ground up.' ..."


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Marvelous and Moving. Beautiful Work.
— Fran Korten, Yes! Magazine