Investing in Renewables Can Relieve Our Planet — While Reviving Our Economy

Yes! Magazine, October 16, 2014, by Anthony Giancatarino

Carbon reduction alone cannot solve our climate crisis, because it is continuously fed by our economic crisis. But renewables can be a critical driver in building a healthier economic system, free of the fossil fuel industry.

"In Columbia, South Carolina, Black landowners and farmers asked, “Can we create a solar or wind farm to generate clean energy that can help build our wealth and keep our land?”

In Buffalo, New York, low-income residents of color pushed for energy-efficiency investments to cut energy bills and create jobs.

And, in Richmond, California, Asian communities demanded that Chevron stop polluting their air and that the government invest in community-owned solar projects.

These stories are part of a common and resounding theme of strategies and solutions that communities of color have been advocating for over the years—we must invest in community-owned renewable energy if we want to build our local economy, cut our energy costs, and create cleaner environments for our kids. ..."

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— Fran Korten, Yes! Magazine